Privacy Policy

Real Exam Guide follows a set of rules and regulations in dealing with its customers. This is called Real Exam Guide’s Privacy Policy. It outlines the company’s business concerns as well as its pattern of working with its clients. Real Exam Guide independently regulates its privacy policy and is altogether authorized to modify or change the basic principles whenever required. However as a motto, Real Exam Guide aims at the benefits of its clients first and tries its utmost to safeguard them at priority. Real Exam Guide does not take instructions neither is bound to consult with any third party in finalizing or alter the contents of its privacy policy. The registered customers are informed of all the changes made in the basic framework of Real Exam Guide’s Privacy Policy. It is advisable to go through the Privacy Policy page before finalizing any deal so that you may come to know the basic features of our business patterns.

The outline of Privacy Policy is given as under:

Real Exam Guide always seeks the benefits if its customers and hence no information of their business transaction is provided to any third part.

No details of clients’ credit cards, bank accounts or any other financial credential detail is made public or stored with Real Exam Guide.

All the above information is deleted immediately after maintaining our personal business records.

Real Exam Guide does not mention or disclose clients’ financial details in the financial statements. They contain only the details of company’s personal accounts.

Real Exam Guide strictly adheres to the principles of its Privacy Policy and finalizes all its business according to it.